Huawei has 6 million P30 and P30 Pro ready. The company wants to sell 20 million flagships this year.

Huawei is already ready to start sales of P30 and P30 Pro and has high hopes for its new flagships.

Big plans

There are only 6 million smartphones in the first batch, both for the Chinese market and for other countries. Therefore, there will definitely not be a shortage like Xiaomi has.

And by the end of the year the company plans to sellno less than 20 million smartphones in the series. But no one expected any other numbers, because already this year Huawei wants to supplant Samsung in sales and become the leader in the smartphone market.

By the way, the main production volume is P30 and P30Pro will take over Foxconn. This is the main iPhone manufacturer for Apple and the same company that only recently wanted to abandon the unprofitable production of Android smartphones. It seems that Huawei's order will help solve Foxconn's problems and take the place of Apple, which has only recently been reducing the volume of orders for smartphones. In total, more than 50 thousand Foxconn employees will be involved in the production of P30 and P30 Pro.

Let us remind you that in China sales of Huawei flagships will start on April 11. Our price for Huawei P30 Pro starts at 27,999 hryvnia, Huawei P30 costs 22,999 hryvnia.