Huawei has already begun production of the folding Mate X and promises that it will be more reliable than Galaxy Fold

Amid the scandal with flexible smartphones Samsung Galaxy Fold, their main competitor Huawei Mate X has faded into the background.

The company decided to remind itself and announced the start of production of its flexible gadget.

When and how much

This is just a trial release for now. These smartphones are only intended for China, where sales will start in June.

After this, Huawei Mate X will reach otherscountries, but production is unlikely to be large-scale: given the limited volume of BOE flexible screens, the company is unlikely to produce more than 300 thousand smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Fold has an advantage in this: the manufacturer is ready to produce 700 thousand devices, and the capacity, if necessary, allows it to “complete” another 300 thousand.

More reliable than Galaxy Fold

Displays in Galaxy Fold test units so farcontinue to fail, Huawei is stepping up checks on the Mate X. To avoid the same problems, testing standards at production have been raised. Therefore, the company is confident that Huawei Mate X will not disappoint users with non-working screens or peeling protective coating.


At the same time, the price of Huawei Mate X became known. Prices in different countries will differ: for China it is about $2,090, for other countries it is more expensive — $2,540.