Huawei has come up with a new name for its OS.

Huawei continues to work on its own operating system. However, it is not yet known

neither its name nor its release date. Various sources voiced several names: HongMeng, Ark OS and Oak OS. Now the company has come up with a more “harmonious” name.

What will be called

On July 12, Huawei registered with the EUIPO (BureauEuropean Union Intellectual Property) trademark Harmony. It belongs to category 9 with the description: mobile operating systems; computer operating systems; Loadable operating system programs.

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Perhaps in China the OS will be called HongMeng, and in Europe - Harmony.

Let us remind you that the new OS will work on smartphonestablets, computers and Internet of Things devices. They promise that it will be faster than Android and iOS. The operating system should debut in China this year, and on the international market in 2020.