Huawei has developed a charging capacity of 120 and even 200 W, but will not use it yet

Huawei has unveiled the new flagships of the Mate 40 line in China, and charging was raised at the presentation.

200 watts!

According to representatives of the Chinese company, they have already developed fast charging technologies with a capacity of 120 and even 200 watts. But we do not intend to use them in smartphones yet, since 66 W is enough.

Huawei is confident that today 50 and 66 W are the most optimal powers, and anything higher can be unstable.

As a reminder, the flagships Mate 40 Pro and Mate Pro + support 66W fast charging, while the Mate 40 supports 40W.

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In addition, at the presentation, Huawei did not missthe opportunity to pin up Apple and noted that new smartphones come with chargers included. But, of course, we'd better not joke like that. For example, Samsung also teased a competitor, and now, according to analysts, it may also remove headphones and charging from the kit.

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