Huawei has not officially left the Russian market, but has stopped deliveries of equipment and does not respond to inquiries

Russian media write that a difficult situation with foreign suppliers has developed in the aggressor country

telecommunications equipment.

Without Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei

So, after the imposition of sanctions, Ericsson and Nokia officially announced the cessation of supplies to Russia. True, Nokia assured that they would continue to support working equipment.

The most interesting situation is withChinese company Huawei. Its representatives do not speak directly about the ban on supplies, but at the same time they unilaterally stopped selling base stations and simply stopped responding to requests.

There is nothing surprising:despite the fact that the Russian Federation screams about strong friendship with China, Huawei has already had a hard time due to US sanctions. The company was accused of violating the ban on trade with Iran, after which they practically blocked all access to American components and technologies. Now cooperation with the aggressor will clearly not benefit the manufacturer, and Huawei understands this.

In Russia, they threaten to shower former partners with lawsuits, but they themselves admit that this can further aggravate the situation and lead to a complete breakdown of cooperation.

Also, the media write that if the problem is not solved by the end of the summer, then communication outages will begin in the country. So this is what it is, vaunted import substitution ...