Huawei introduced its proprietary HarmonyOS operating system at HDC 2019

Huawei began today's presentation for developers with the announcement of its proprietary OS. It was called HarmonyOS (aka

HongmengOS for China).

What is known

The new system, according to the company, can beuse on any type of device. For example, on smartphones, watches, TVs, etc. It is able to combine them into one ecosystem, thanks to flexible optimization and open source code. In fact, this is an analogue of Google's Fuchsia OS.

You can write applications for the OS on almost anyprogramming language and they will work easily on any device. Thanks to its increased safety, Harmony can also be used in industrial and even aerospace applications.

Other details about the system, Huawei is notdisclosed. It is also not yet known whether it will appear on smartphones in the near future. The manufacturer is in no hurry to replace Android and is waiting for the resolution of the situation with US sanctions.