Huawei is back? US eases sanctions policy

In 2019, when Donald Trump was in power in the US, China's Huawei was blacklisted.

companies that pose a threat to the nationalcountry's security. The end result was a ban on the former market leader from using US-origin technology. And now, in 2022, already under the new administration of the White House, the political course is being revised. According to Bloomberg, the Bureau of Industry and Security of the Department of Commerce has issued a rule that allows the transfer of certain "low-level" technologies to sanctioned companies. The condition is that the recipient must be part of international standardization institutions, which is critical in matters of national security and that's all.

According to Bloomberg, the reason for this decisionUS authorities began to increase the influence of Chinese companies controlled by the PRC government in the bodies that set standards and rules for technology development. The new rule will allow Americans to benefit from bilateral relations and maintain the country's leadership position in this area. The wording is still very ornate, the amount of technology that Huawei can theoretically access is still unknown, but the ice has broken. Let's see what it will lead to in the end. Do you want a full return of Huawei?

    © Artur Luchkin.

    According to Bloomberg