Huawei is on the record: plans - 10 million Mate 30 and 250 million smartphones sold

Yesterday, Huawei boasted that it had already sold 200 million smartphones, although several more by the end of the year.

months. And today, company representatives shared their plans.

When and how much

Head of Product Line for Business and MobileHuawei devices He Gang says that in total this year, Huawei plans to sell 240–250 million smartphones - both its own and the Honor sub-brand. That is, another 40-50 million remains, and this is a very real figure for two months.

First of all, bet on flagshipsHuawei Mate 30 families. They were introduced in September, and in October the first million devices were sold. In total, the company plans to ship 10 million Mate 30 smartphones by the end of the year.

But the forecasts about the folding smartphone Mate X Huawei refuses. According to Ghe Gang, now company representatives just want to study the demand and user reviews.