Huawei launches Yolanda smart scales with WiFi, Bluetooth and heart rate monitor

Huawei has announced the release of the Yolanda Smart Body Fat Scale, which not only weighs, but also knows how to analyze

up to 17 body parameters.

What are useful

The functionality of the news is quite similar to somesmartwatch fitness apps. But unlike them, Yolanda Smart reads important characteristics for the body using the bioimpendance method. The device measures the electrical resistance of various parts of the body, analyzes fat and cell mass, as well as indicators of metabolic rate. Thus, it is possible to determine the biological age of a person, choose the optimal method of losing weight, the level of physical activity and much more.

One of the important readable parameters of the body is the resting pulse. The higher this indicator, the lower the overall level of health and life expectancy.

Yolanda Smart Body Fat Scale supports WiFi andBluetooth All received data can be stored in the cloud or transferred to the user's smartphone. Weight is tracked from 200 grams to 180 kilograms with an accuracy of 50 grams. Huawei offers such smart scales for $ 13.