Huawei Mate 30 Pro: $ 2,300 for a smartphone without Google Play

The new product from the Chinese company Huawei is the first and only smartphone at the moment that

capable of recording Slow-mo video at 7680 speedFPS This is a record figure that competitors will not soon be able to catch up with. However, who needs professional gadgets on a regular mobile phone when there are real full-frame professional cameras.

In addition, the camera supports background blur whenvideo, that is, in real time, the background is blurred, and the subject remains in focus, even if it moves. Another novelty is the first smartphone, the screen of which wraps around the edges at almost 90 degrees. The Nex 3 from Vivo was about the same. And in another, the smartphone is a pioneer - it has a dedicated sensor for recognizing gestures. Of the minus records - this is the first model (flagship), which does not receive pre-installed Google services. That is, Google Play is not installed in this smartphone, and new applications cannot be downloaded and installed automatically on it. You will have to manually install the application directory first.

Two flagship models

The smartphone is offered in standard version andPro versions, there is also a limited version of Porsche Design for fans of the company and, probably, Porsche car owners. Both models received a self-developed high-performance processor Kirin 990, which has significantly increased in speed since its predecessor, and it has support for fifth-generation cellular networks (5G). The Horizon screen (curved edges) received only the Pro version, as well as support for ultra-fast video recording, a separate gesture sensor, 3D scanning for unlocking and other chips. The older version also received a more capacious battery and moisture protection according to an increased standard.

However, the base Mate 30 has something that is notin the Pro version, it is an analog mini-jack connector for headphones and a fingerprint scanner. The Halo Ring main camera unit on the back side has become round, it includes four modules. The color scheme includes four colors, as well as with eco-leather trim.

Photo Ambitions

The company decided that if the smartphone is excellenta camera with wide capabilities, it will be used instead of a professional one. Therefore, in addition to the smartphone, she included an accessory in the form of a portable studio light for working with a smartphone. It is hard to imagine that a photographer with a Chinese smartphone should work in a professional studio instead of a professional camera, however, the company's ambitions are as follows.

The cost of the basic version in configuration 8gigabytes of RAM and a 128 gigabyte drive - 799 EUR. The Pro version with a 256 gigabyte drive costs 1099 EUR and with 5G support - 1199 EUR. Both models are able to work with the stylus M-Pen, which recognizes four thousand levels of depression. On board will be installed the tenth Android, on top of which the EMUI shell.

Huawei admitted lack of Google services onsmartphone due to problems between the governments of the Middle Kingdom and the United States. There will be no YouTube, maps, Gmail, as well as the Google Play catalog and much more. It offers its own Chinese set of services, which is designed to replace the American one from Google.

The cost of a smartphone in the Porsche Design version in the configuration of 12 gigabytes of RAM and a 512 gigabyte drive is 2095 EUR.