Huawei Mate X is ready for sales: video folding smartphone folding

Samsung has already started selling its foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold, now it’s the turn of its competitor, Huawei

Mate X.


Chinese sources claim that Huawei has already begun mass production of the Mate X. The smartphone should go on sale by the end of October.

True, the unusual gadget will initially appear in China and in a limited edition.

Meanwhile, a Huawei Mate X unboxing video appeared online. In the video, the smartphone is opened and closed, but not turned on.

Also included is an unusual case for a folding smartphone - instead of a regular case.

Let's remember that Huawei Mate X was presented back in Februaryat the MWC 2019 exhibition, but the manufacturer did not rush into sales: after the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company decided to refine the device and conduct thorough tests.