Huawei may still release Mate 50 flagships this year, and as early as next month

This year, due to US sanctions and production problems, Huawei was late with the release of the flagship

families:the P50 line (pictured) was launched in July and only recently went on sale. Moreover, this is only in the Chinese market, the flagships have not even been presented on the global market yet. In this regard, suspicions arose that this year the new flagship Mate 50 line should not be expected.

Wait or not wait?

The new report of the senior expert of DSCC (DisplaySupply Chain Consultants claims the flagship of the Mate series is still slated for release in the fourth quarter of this year. He assures that new items will debut next month - in October.

It sounds, of course, optimistic, but unlikely.We will remind, on October 21, Huawei has scheduled a presentation, which will be held in Vienna. The launch of which products are planned is not reported, but we are waiting for the global release of the P50 family.

Also, recent rumors say that the flagships of the Mate 50 will also use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, but also without support for 5G networks.

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