Huawei offers to test Huawei Assistant and get the flagship P30 Pro

Huawei continues to work on services alternative to Google applications. One of these services is

Huawei Assistant, and the company is just looking for volunteers ready to test the service.

What is needed for that

Huawei Assistant is now available for downloadlink. For installation, you need a Huawei or Honor smartphone with the proprietary EMUI shell version 9.1 and higher.

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And to encourage its testers, Huaweiwill give away the flagship P30 Pro among them every week. But to take part in the draw, you need to share your impressions of Huawei Assistant on the forum or on social networks. Reviews can be left in English, Polish, Spanish, Italian, German or French.

What does Huawei Assistant do

Assistant offers global search, instantaccess to favorite shortcuts at the top of the assistant, SmartCare with contextual cards (calendar, weather, missed calls, phone usage and data consumption), as well as Huawei Newsfeed with materials in different languages ​​from leading news agencies and providers.

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