Huawei orders Foxconn over 50 million 5G smartphones for 2020

It seems that this year has become a warm-up for smartphone manufacturers in mastering 5G technologies, but in 2020 such

gadgets are in for an era of prosperity and rapid growth. And Huawei is not going to herd the ones left behind.

Big plans

According to network sources, Huawei has already planned production volumes of 5G smartphones for next year. And the assembly was completely entrusted to Foxconn.

And the volume of this order is truly impressive.over 50 million smartphones! But this is almost a fifth of Huawei’s current sales. Therefore, undoubtedly, in the very near future, 5G smartphones will be widespread.

Let us remind you that the sub-brand Huawei Honor has also taken up 5G:the manufacturer wants to attract as many users as possible to the fifth generation network. Therefore, the next step for Honor is the release of smartphones with 5G, which will cost 280, 210 and even 140 US dollars. The first such devices should appear on the market next year.

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