Huawei P smart Z: the flagship budget camera with a retractable camera

In pursuit of framelessness, smartphone manufacturers have implemented many solutions that are designed to

And one of the most unique solutions is the retractable camera, which is a real hitAlmost all smartphone companies already have similar models (at least one model, yes), and the Chinese Huawei was no exception, rolling out to the market a budget model Smart Z from the Huawei P series with a retractable camera module.

The retractable camera was supposed to becomethe point of attraction, the highlight of the new product, especially since there were no such designs in the budget segment. But practice shows that for users, the quality of shooting is more important, if the pictures are bad, then the design of the camera does not matter. smart Z also captivates with a set of features, including a super-democratic price tag. The huge screen leaves behind Xs Max from Apple, as well as the Galaxy S10 +, however, only in size, there is no AMOLED matrix, but IPS works pretty well.

Appearance, convenience

Many users took all these newfangledcutouts and bangs on the screens under the camera as a temporary measure, until manufacturers come up with to remove the front-end from the front panel, or rather, make it invisible. However, a retractable camera is also a temporary measure, it is generally a strange anachronism - a mechanical moving component suddenly appears in the monolith. And this is when smartphones began to take with them to the pool to swim.

The ideal smartphone is completely coveredthe screen is the front panel, the screen itself as a speaker, the fingerprint scanner below it, and the front camera below it. Everything, there is nothing more ahead and should not be. Of course, only OLED or AMOLED technology is suitable for this. In fact, the design of smartphones will become unified, and it will differ only in screen size and the design of the back panel.

Designers of the Chinese company did not have toinvent, the earpiece fits perfectly in the thin upper frame, the chin is a little thicker, but the display still takes up a rather large area of ​​the front panel - 84 percent. At the same time there are no holes and bangs. The color scheme includes black classics, sapphire, emerald. The back panel looks elegant, but, as a rule, such backdrops are impractical and quickly blurry. However, everyone is already used to it, because it began with the appearance of the first glossy surfaces. The location of the controls is standard - on the right side. At the bottom there is an analog mini-jack and USB-C port. Behind a large block of cameras and a fingerprint pad. The top end contains the most interesting details: here is a SIM and microSD receiver, a noise reduction microphone, and also a retractable camera module.

The camera activates automatically when turned oncamera application (selfie), when you close the application, the camera automatically hides. The whole process takes a second and a half, and at first the wow effect still causes, although there are already enough such smartphones, and they have been on the market for a long time. However, its advantages end there, in practice the advantages are no longer noticed.

Screen, multimedia

From a budget model of super-high-quality screen,Of course, no one is waiting, and the presence of an IPS display has already become the norm, even for an inexpensive segment. So, the main plus of this screen is its large size of 6.6 ”. The display resolution is 2340x1080, while the pixel density does not reach 400 ppi. The image gives a decent, invisible graininess, excellent viewing angles, the margin of brightness is enough for a sunny day

The sound of the new standard for smartphones suchclass, the speaker seems to be loud, enough for everyday applications, but of course you won’t be able to listen to music, the quality is not that, but the headphones are a different matter, the analog port still controls quality. When talking on the phone, the microphone processes noise normally, the interlocutor can hear better in noisy places than from devices without the noise canceling function.


Externally, smart Z can be taken for quite expensivea smartphone, in any case, for 400 dollars for sure. A huge display, narrow frames, a retractable camera module, the entire set of flagship. However, the test results immediately put everything in its place. An 8-core Kirin 710F, Mali-G51 graphics, 4 gigabytes of RAM, a 64 gigabyte drive, a 4G modem, and an NFC module are working here under the hood. For this miracle they ask about 14.5 thousand rubles. Very tasty price.


The main camera received two modules, the mainthe module received a 16 megapixel sensor, an additional 2 megapixels, used as a depth sensor. The quality of pictures in sunny weather is quite decent, macro mode is especially good. In low light conditions, noise appears, detail is lost, but in general, for a budget employee, the camera turned out to be unexpectedly good. What not to say about a selfie camera that matches its price range.

As for autonomy, the standard video playback test produced a result of ten hours. Everything is standard, a standard scenario will give the smartphone all day.

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