Huawei said it will no longer use Google services. And then she returned her words back

Huawei, after the imposition of US sanctions, has already released several smartphones without Google services, first

turn the flagship family of the Mate 30. Despite this, sales are growing, and by the end of 2019, the company is still in second place in the global smartphone market. But what will happen if Google suddenly allows further cooperation with a Chinese colleague - Huawei, it seems, has not yet decided.

What does it mean

In Vienna, the head of the German division of Huawei FredWangfei (Fred Wangfei) talked to reporters and said that even if the US lifts sanctions - the company will not return to Google services. Journalists asked him this question several times - and each time his position was clear and understandable: Huawei intends to gain independence from US policy.

Instead, Huawei will develop its ownecosystem. The company has its own AppGallery store, and this year it intends to spend $ 3 billion on the development of Huawei Mobile Services - analogues of Google services.

However, after that, Huawei disowned the words of its representative and made a clarification:

“The open ecosystem of Android is still our priority choice, but if we cannot use it, we have the opportunity to develop our own”