Huawei smartphones were left without Android

There is another panic in the mobile community, provoked by a media report that Google

severs all ties with the manufacturer Huawei, and smartphones from Huawei will no longer receiveAndroid updates.But let's figure it out calmly.What and how will happen, and most importantly - why?

What is the fate of Huawei?

Google, according to Reuters, is preparingdeal a crushing blow to Huawei. Namely, all ties with the Chinese manufacturer will be suspended. This means that new Huawei phones will no longer run Android and will not come pre-installed with Google Play Store and other Google apps. Gentlemen, but there is no need to create panic. All current owners of Huawei smartphones are not included in this number.

We will understand the reasons for this situation. Everything is simple here. This action was provoked by the order
President Donald Trump's announcementnational emergency due to threats to US technology. The Chinese company Huawei was blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce. US firms cannot sell parts, components, equipment or software to Huawei without obtaining a license from the US government.

Note that last year, Huawei spent 11billion dollars to buy parts from US companies such as Qualcomm, Intel and Micron. At the same time, the company develops its own Kirin chipsets and Balong modem chips for its high-quality phones. Both are made by TSMC.

This move by Google can significantlyaffect the future of Huawei, because it had great chances to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world next year. After selling more than 200 million mobile phones in 2018 and maintaining momentum in the first quarter of this year (the delivery is 50% more compared to the same period last year), Huawei is among the top companies, Apple remains the leader.

There are also rumors on the Internet that Huaweiis developing its own alternative to Android. Earlier this year, the head of the firm's consumer technology division said Huawei already had its own operating system ready. However, it is also noted that Huawei does not want to use its own operating system.

Last year, the US government bannedfor export ZTE, which virtually destroyed the company. ZTE was not allowed to purchase any hardware, software, or components in the United States until an agreement was reached. Before the ban, ZTE was the fourth largest smartphone maker in the US, but dropped out of the list after the ban was introduced and never returned.

US moves against Huawei come amid...big trade war between the US and China. Last week, the president raised tariffs on hundreds of billions of Chinese imports from 10% to 25%. He also threatened to include smartphones and other tech products in the next tier of products from China in order to receive a 25% tax. These are the things…