Huawei sold the first batch of P30 and P30 Pro in 10 seconds. In Ukraine, the flagships became champions

Huawei has reported on the results of pre-orders for the flagships P30 and P30 Pro in China and Ukraine, and now

The success of the new line is obvious.


In Ukraine, pre-orders started on March 27and ended on April 4. The next day, April 5, smartphones appeared on store shelves. The price of Huawei P30 Pro starts from 27,999 hryvnia, Huawei P30 costs 22,999 hryvnia.

In the Huawei Consumer Business GroupThey didn’t give exact numbers, but they reported that the number of pre-orders for P30 is 4 times more than for P20 last year. The older model P30 Pro has even better results: pre-orders are 5 times more than the previous P20 Pro.

In Ukraine there are three colors to choose from:classic black and two gradient ones - “Polar Lights” (Aurora) and “Mother of Pearl” (Breathing Crystal). The most popular is Aurora (37% of orders), followed by Breathing Crystal (33%). The black color lagged behind, but not by much - 30% of buyers ordered it.


The first flash sale just took place in China the other day.And the first batch of P30 and P30 Pro were snapped up in just 10 seconds. Huawei did not admit how many smartphones it was, but clarified that it earned 200 million yuan (about $30 million) in these 10 seconds. Considering the cost of the flagships, it turns out that this is 30-50 thousand devices, depending on the model and configuration.

But there will still be enough smartphones for everyone: Huawei has prepared 6 million units for the first batch and plans to sell 20 million flagships by the end of the year.

Huawei P30

Flagship smartphone Huawei 2019 with a camera shooting at night like day

In this smartphone, the manufacturer has focused oncamera: it is able to shoot with a fantastic ISO that reaches 409600 units, which allows you to shoot at night (almost) as during the day. The system of three lenses (normal, wide-angle, long-focus) creates scope for creativity. At the same time, the Huawei P30 uses other advanced technologies: its fingerprint sensor and speaker for calls are built into the display. And the screen itself occupies almost the entire space of the front panel, leaving only a small “drip” notch under the front camera. It is worth noting the protection class IP68 and a special coating of the body of 9 layers of nanoparticles that create branded gradient colors that have become the hallmark of Huawei smartphones.

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