Huawei trolled iPhone 11 Pro at the presentation of the flagship Mate 30

Recently, the Huawei sub-brand joined the trolling of the new iPhone 11 Pro on social networks, and now

and Huawei itself. And immediately with a multi-million audience - at the presentation of the new flagships of the Mate 30 family.

What happened

At the very beginning of the presentation, the executiveHuawei Devices Director Richard Yu spoke about the evolution of the Mate series. The Mate 10 was shown on the screen, followed by the Mate 20 with a square main camera module.

After that, the iPhone 11 Pro appeared on the screen with the same square camera. Huawei called itself an innovator and hinted that Apple “borrowed” the new design from them.

With the appearance of the iPhone 11 Pro on the screen, laughter was heard in the hall, which was supported by Richard Yu himself.

By the way, after this the new iPhone was repeatedlymentioned during the presentation: Huawei boasted that the Mate 30 Pro and Mate 30 are more compact, the frames are thinner, the battery is more capacious, the camera is more sensitive, and the screen is brighter.

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And here is the presentation itself (watch from 35:15):