Huawei wants to abandon Qualcomm processors in favor of their Kirin

Huawei wants to reduce dependence on Qualcomm and MediaTek using its processors.

What will change

Expected that

in the second half of 2019, 60% of smartphonesHuawei will run on Hisilicon Kirin processors. For comparison, in the first half of the year they were used in 45% of devices, and in the second half of 2018 - less than 40%. This means that more than 150 million Huawei phones will be implementing SoC Kirin. The total volume of planned deliveries for 2019 is 270 million units.

In any case, it will not greatly affect the topHuawei smartphones, as in most of its flagships, the company has long been using Kirin chipsets. For budget phones, it still purchases MediaTek and Qualcomm processors.