Huawei will be able to return Google services to its smartphones, but Trump is still thinking

It seems that US President Donald Trump decided to change his anger to mercy (what time?) And lift some sanctions

in relation to the Chinese company Huawei. But it’s too early to talk about the final decision.

What does it mean

American media, citing their ownsources say that the Donald Trump administration is considering issuing licenses to some companies and thus allowing them to resume cooperation with Huawei. That is, they are not going to lift all sanctions, but they plan to loosen their “grip”.

This step will reduce the tension in America’s trade relations with China.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown which companies are in question.

First of all, everyone cares aboutrenewal of Google certification, that is, will the company be able to lift the ban on pre-installing its services on Huawei smartphones. Of course, the flagships of the Mate 30 family turned out to be interesting new products, but European users are definitely not attracted to devices without Google applications. Whether the United States is ready to issue a license to Google for cooperation with Huawei is still unclear.

Earlier, the head of Huawei assured that if the sanctions were lifted, the manufacturer would return Google services to their smartphones in just one night.