Huawei will rename its flagship smartphones

It seems that Huawei decided to change the scheme of the names of its flagships of the P series.

New numbers

Yesterday Huawei

registered three new trademarks with the UK Intellectual Property Office: P300, P400 and P500. All of them belong to class 9: smartphones, mobile phones and tablets.

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Let us remind you that the company now has flagships P10, P20 and P30. But it is possible that next year we will see not the P40, but the P400.

True, it is quite possible that the new models will not replace the old names, but will only complement the R family.

By the way, applications were submitted by Forresters,which has repeatedly spoken on behalf of Huawei Technologies. Recently, it also registered the trademarks Huawei AirGlass and SuperSensing, most likely intended for the Mate 30 line. It is expected that SuperSensing technology refers to the camera, and AirGlass to the protective glass for the display.