Hubble photographed a galactic jellyfish 800 million light-years from Earth

The Hubble Space Telescope was able to capture a galaxy that is shaped like a jellyfish. It's called JW100 and

is located at a distance of 800 million light years from our planet.

What is known

The galactic jellyfish is a spiralgalaxy. The bright streams of gas in which new stars form look like tentacles. Usually such objects appear as a result of collisions of galaxies with diffuse gas.

Hubble was able to take a picture of the JW100 from the side.In the photograph, we see the bulge of the galaxy, which contains a large number of stars. At the same time, the diffuse gas that passes through the JW100 carries away dust and gas.

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Several yellow spots in the photo are elliptical galaxies that surround JW100. The largest of them is called IC 5338. It has two cores that have not yet merged together.

Scientists have been monitoring the JW100 in order tostudy how stars form in tentacles. This will allow researchers to learn more about the process of creating stars in separate regions of the universe.