Hubble photographed a supernova explosion that occurred more than 11 billion years ago

The Hubble Space Telescope was able to capture a supernova explosion. The picture stands out for what it captured

three stages of explosion at once.

What is known

Hubble continues to benefit science. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has demonstrated another result of the space telescope.

Supernova that hit objectsHubble exploded over 11 billion years ago. The telescope managed to capture the star three times thanks to the phenomenon of gravitational lensing. In our case, the role of the lens was tried on by the galaxy cluster Abell 370.

Picture from Hubble showing rapid changesupernova colors. This indicates a decrease in the temperature of the star. After studying the cooling rate and brightness, scientists said that the size of the bursting star exceeds the size of the Sun by 500 times.

Scientists Wenlei Chen and Patrick Kelly(Patrick Kelly), who were involved in this study, want to get pictures of more distant supernovae. This is required in order to find differences between stars that existed billions of years ago and those that are relatively close to the Earth. The new James Webb space telescope should help them with this.