Human Headphones: Strange but Cool. - The first wireless over-ear headphones with amazing features

Startup Human Inc. recently surprised the community and its customers with an amazing invention - completely

Wireless overhead headphones. They incorporated the sound of Sennheiser and the convenience of AirPods.

What's cool about them?

Human Headphones are equipped with two30 mm speakers in each earpiece. This gives not only great sound, but also the feel of a 2.2 system. The new device could not do without a microphone - two of these on each ear capture sound without ambient noise due to the technology of radiation capture. Moreover, the headphones can independently translate speech into 11 languages ​​during calls in real time. But the noise does not stand aside - “ears” specially let in a few background sounds so that the user does not get into trouble.

According to Human, the battery lives quietlynine hours at full charge. The impressive feature of the device is that while it is charging, it can be used as a Bluetooth speaker. This is where an additional speaker comes in handy in every “ear”. The function will also be useful when the ears “get tired” from long wear.

Why are they weird?

For such a miracle of technology, developers are asking for $ 250(or 16,000 rubles). Not much more than AirPods cost, but the functionality is simply incomparably wider. And the amazing design leaves few indifferent. On the Internet, they are already joking about the appearance on the streets of copies of Princess Leia from Star Wars, however, those who try these headphones come in just a puppy delight.