Human meat burger made in Sweden

At Oumph! made a burger that they said tasted like human meat. "During the development

no one was harmed by this product,” the company said.

“We developed this burger in the blink of an eye, once we knew what flavor and texture we wanted,” Oumph! co-founder said in a YouTube video. Anders Linden.

At the LOLA MullenLowe agency from Madrid, whichdeveloped an advertising campaign, noted that their goal is to "convince" meat lovers that plant-based products can "mimic the taste of any meat." The campaign received a Silver Prize at the Cannes Lions Festival, an international festival for the creative marketing community.

Plant-based meat already existsfor a long time and is recommended to all those who want to give up meat of animal origin. Compared to lab-grown meat, plant-based meat is already more affordable.

Meat of animal origin often containsa large amount of fat, and its use is associated with various diseases. In addition, there are huge environmental costs associated with raising livestock. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, livestock accounts for 7.1 gigatonnes of carbon emissions annually (about 15% of the total).

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