Hurricane Ian hit Florida: a historic event was shown live

Strong winds and rain hit Florida on Wednesday as Hurricane Ian intensified to near its highest level

fifth category. It is reported to cause "catastrophic" destruction in the southern US state.

Forecasters have warned of an impending disasterwhich happens once in a generation. Life-threatening storm surges, widespread flooding and destructive winds are expected. According to Agence France-Presse, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called it an "unpleasant" natural disaster. In turn, the director of the National Weather Service, Ken Graham, expressed confidence that Ian would leave a devastating trail. “It will be a storm that we will talk about for many years,” he said. “This is a historic event.”

The National Hurricane Center said in a recent newsletter that "an extremely dangerous wall of Ian's eye is moving ashore" and causing sustained winds of 250 km/h.

FOX shows Hurricane Ian hitting Florida live.

Tampa and Orlando airports shut down everythingcommercial flights, and some 337,000 households are already without electricity. Authorities have warned that parts of the so-called Sunshine State are expected to receive up to 61 cm of rain, as well as storm surge that will reach devastating levels of 3.6 to 5.5 meters above ground level. “This is a life-threatening situation,” the department said.

Earlier, the storm damaged Cuba's power grid and left the island "without power," Union Electrica, the state-owned electricity company, said.

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Cover photo: NOAA