Hybrid helicopter and autogyro will be launched for budget flights

The British company Arc Aero Systems has presented a project for a new hybrid helicopter. The main task of the project is

make air travel more cost-effective andreduce carbon emissions. The hybrid Linx P9 can outperform similar models of comparable size in terms of range, speed and cost of ownership.

Photo: Arc Aero Systems

The glider is a cross betweenairplane, helicopter and autogyro - rotary-wing aircraft. The all-composite construction weighs only 1,930 kg without weight. The nine-seat cockpit is similar to that of a helicopter, but features a thin 12.6 m long main wing with a pair of 2 m pusher propellers at the rear, as well as a large tail wing and fins.

The large 13-meter top rotor is not connected to the tail rotor. The Linx P9 also uses an electric motor that spins the top rotor fast enough for vertical takeoff and landing.

Various interior options Linx P9. Photo: Arc Aero Systems

After takeoff, pushing propellers are turned on, and, asonly the speed increases, the wings take on more than 90% of the lift, and the top rotor can be immediately slowed down. This reduces drag and also eliminates the asymmetric lift that is seen in helicopters due to blade shedding. As a result, the Linx P9 has a maximum cruising speed of 370 km/h. Similar results were observed with the Sikorsky X2 twin-rotor coaxial helicopter.

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