HydroFlyer: $ 13,999 electric jet that combines jet ski, surfboard and hydrofoil

Canadian inventor Jerry McArthur, together with Unifoil, announced an unusual water


What is known

The new product was named HydroFlyer.It does not have a precise classification, but the device combines the elements of a regular surfboard. In addition, the HydroFlyer has hydrofoils, like a hydrofoil, and a rudder, like a jet ski. He, according to the manufacturer, adds stability while driving. It can be removed if desired.

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HydroFlyer is equipped with an electric motor andpropeller. Thanks to this, the board is quiet and does not require fuel. At low speeds, the HydroFlyer floats through the water, and at high speeds it rises above it. The declared maximum speed is 55 km / h. On a single charge, such an electric hybrid will work up to 2 hours.

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Price and when to wait

HydroFlyer is already available for pre-order on the official website. For a novelty, they ask for 13,999 US dollars.

Source: TheHydroFlyer

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