HyperJuice: the world's first portable battery with Power Delivery 3.0 100 W

Hyper has announced a new portable battery called the HyperJuice with support for ultra-high-power charging.

What is known

The device has rather large body dimensions (164.33 × 77.15 × 25 mm), weight 661 g and a battery capacity of 27,000 mAh. According to the company, this is enough to fully charge the Apple MacBook Pro.

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Novelty equipped with two ports USB-C and oneUSB A. The first supports charging Power Delivery 3.0 with a maximum power of 100 W, and the other two up to 60 W and up to 18 W, respectively. Also of interest, HyperJuice itself can be charged in just an hour, using a proprietary adapter. It comes with a device.

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Price and when to wait

HyperJuice is already available for purchase on the company's official website. Available in two colours: Silver and Deep Gray. The issue price is 250 US dollars.