Hyundai and Uber will develop the first electric air taxi

Representatives of the two largest companies Hyundai Motor and Uber Technologies plan to begin joint work on

implementing and integrating electricalair taxi. So, in the framework of the annual technology exhibition CES 2020, the South Korean company Hyundai announced the concept of an electric aircraft, which was created with Uber.

It is reported that the new aircraft will be able tocover distances of up to 100 km at a speed of 290 km / h. Recall that representatives of Uber previously announced the launch of test flights in cities as part of the current year, while the first commercial transportations are planned next year. It is known that they will be implemented in partnership with a subsidiary of Boeing, namely Aurora Flight Sciences. Note that at the moment, Hyundai is the first car developer to join a promising project.

According to the official announcement of the companies, Hyundai will take on the role of an air taxi developer in this project, while Uber will organize a service for its operation.