Hyundai develops an autopilot repeating the driving style of a motorist

The Korean auto concern is working on the creation of a machine-trained smart cruise control (SCC-ML), capable of repeating the riding style of a person.

How it works?

The new chip of the Korean automakerIt is configured and self-taught on several factors: first of all, it is the distance that the driver holds between his car and the one in front, and secondly, how a person presses the gas pedal. In the case of distance, smart cruise control understands that it is not always the same and will be trained at every possible occasion. Speaking of the manner of acceleration, the system itself makes the decision to accelerate or reset the speed depending on the current speed.

Are there any nuances?

The company says SCC-ML will notlearn “bad” habits on the road, as well as adapt to a changing driving style, because every day the driver improves his skills. Hyundai has not yet talked about the "relationship" of the system with traffic lights, but it will still be taken into account. But here the question of whether it is advisable to use SCC-ML is not on the highway, but in the city.