I would have such printers in the era of the university or fuss with working documents - would jump with happiness!

It would seem that something new can be invented in printers, scanners or MFPs? It seems to be all the same huge harsh

almost machines with fixed mechanisms inside. But in fact, there is a huge gap between modern models and their predecessors, as we remember them in the era of button phones. On the example of one of the most beloved manufacturers in the world, Canon, and its new i-SENSYS models, we will tell you what's new in the printing and scanning computer technology.

Long time competition between manufacturersprinters consisted only of print speed, and finally, by 2019, it came to more or less general indicators, almost like the design of smartphones. And this is good, because vendors have finally begun to pay to more important little things that their hands did not reach before.

“And I’m okay now, it’s, as it were, printingfast, there is Wi-Fi, there is a screen, what else is needed? ”- you ask. But the fact is that in addition to these banal things, there are a huge number of details that save time, money and nerves. And not all of them are associated with "rate of fire."

Complete list of Canon's newest and most technologically advanced printers and MFPs

The first page is the fastest

The less time the printer spends on warming up -all the better. If you forgot about such a nuance as preparing the printer for printing “cold”, you just have long been faced with the need to print few pages, but regularly. And this is important, because nowadays 750 megabytes (by the way, a full-fledged DVDRip movie) can be transmitted over the Internet in 1 minute, cameras take 20 photos per second, and printers will hum and crunch all this minute to give birth to a miserable page of text on A4 sheet.

In general, for professionals, the speed of printing the first page is so important that for it they even came up with a separate abbreviation - FPOT.