IBM releases Qiskit - quantum computer modules for training neural networks

IBM has released Qiskit, a set of modules for quantum computers, part of a set of "quantum" software with open source

source code and hardware for faster andaccurate machine learning. According to the company, the release of new products for quantum computers will attract more amateurs and specialists to work with new technologies.

IBM Commentary

“Quantum computing is opening up the broadestopportunities for machine learning. Many books and tutorials are beginning to appear on this topic, "the developers declare," Quantum machine learning (QML) provides new perspectives in modeling [neural networks - approx. per.], allowing you to work with multidimensional capabilities and improve the accuracy of models. "

Meaning to us

The fact that mastering quantum computingis actively pursued, brings us closer to a completely new stage of technology. If we disregard the benefits for science, then for us, mere mortals, ultra-fast computing will make tourist flights into space, cloud gaming without limits, ultra-fast Internet and other joys of life a reality.