Icon for iPod Touch 7 generation found in iOS 12.2 Beta 4

In iOS 12.2 beta 4, a new system icon was discovered, indicating that Apple is working on a new iPod Touch 7

generation display on the entire front panel. The icon was found with the old iPod Touch icon.

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The current iPod Touch 6th generation icon is called “HLSipod”, and the iPod touch 7 generation icon is called “HLSipod2”. The new iPod Touch will have a frameless design and will not have a Home button.

Rumor has it that Apple is working on an updatediPod Touch 7 generation with improved content. It is not known whether he will have a new design, and how exactly the content will be. So far it is difficult to say what to expect from the new iPod Touch 7 generation.

Given the low demand for the iPod Touch, you canassume that the 7th generation player is unlikely to get a lot of updates. Apple will not present a brand new iPod touch with updates like the iPhone X or iPhone XS.

Apple last updated the iPod Touch in 2015, adding an A8 processor, 128 GB of memory, and more.