If a person grumbles in a dream, then he may have heart problems.

Researchers at the Hyogo Medical University in Japan studied sleep data for three years, as well as

heart health of 452 adults. On average, patients were 59 years old. Discuss

In 28% of study participants with moderate andsevere sleep apnea and 11% without sleep apnea developed left ventricular diastolic dysfunction—which occurs when the left side of the heart muscle cannot properly pump blood to the rest of the body. Those who tossed and turned a lot in their sleep later developed cardiac dysfunction in 21%. Among those who moved less than average in their sleep, only 8%.

Experts noted that many factors canprovoke a person to move during sleep, including restless legs syndrome and lack of deep sleep. To improve sleep quality, you can get enough exercise during the day and sleep in a dark place without exposure to blue light from smartphones and other electronics.

At the same time, it turned out that the lack of sleep itselfitself does not affect the development of heart failure. However, recently 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night for most adults has been added to the list of key indicators of good cardiovascular health.