Just play: Anthem is now available for just $5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Although Electronic Arts was pleased with the success of Anthem, it continues to look for a new audience for the game.


Electronic Arts has expanded its base game libraryOriginEA Access subscriptions for $5 by adding Anthem to your list. Now those who want to try out BioWare's creation won't have to pay $60 for the full version of the game. Along with the odious RPG, the service's library includes Out of the Park Baseball 20, The Escapists 2, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Vambrace: Cold Soul and Yooka-Laylee.

Still, it’s not worth considering the appearance of Anthemin OriginEA Access as a desperate move by EA. Battlefield V and FIFA 19 also became available to subscribers of the service six months after release, and BioWare’s latest creation has already waited this period. The developers continue to renovate and expand Anthem, and have even recently added new activities.

Let us remind you that the OriginEA Access subscription is already available not only on Xbox One and PC, but also on PlayStation 4.