If you need an inexpensive and cool flagship smartphone, but not Xiaomi or Huawei, you have only one alternative

8/10 Evaluation by FerraRealme X2 Pro version Welcome to Russia in 2020, where all smartphones are more than 14 thousand rubles with

Shipping from abroad are subject to duties! We live here with Huawei, which now no longer has Android, Xiaomi for all occasions, OnePlus at sober prices in official stores and half dead Meizu with ZTE. Everything else is “expensive and stupid”, apart from one exception.

Table of contents

  • Ferra.ru - we write reviews for those who do not care, since 2001
  • Where did the design “whistle” from?
  • Doesn't creak, doesn’t play? Stylishly in the hand?
  • Screen
  • Sound
  • CPU and performance
  • System Design and Functions
  • Both 64 megapixels and 48 megapixels are marketing. And what is the novelty then?
  • Cameras
  • Autonomy
  • Competitors
  • “Motherfucker, why aren’t the Redmi K30 5G competitors ?!”
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Redmi K20 Pro)
  • Huawei P30
  • findings

Ferra.ru - we write reviews for those who do not care, since 2001

If there ever will be an accounting contest on Earthpeople whose opinion is most often put with the device, cell phone reviewers will compete with district doctors (whose advice is ignored until the last, because “it’s too complicated, but everything will heal”) will win by a huge margin.

I constantly experience this in my own skin. You tell people that HTC has finally made a good smartphone, which is better than the flagship of Samsung, and all do not care, people continue to buy Galaxy. You write with arguments why Wileyfox is more profitable to buy than Xiaomi, and they look at you as an idiot and continue to drool on Redmi. At the same time, even in the case of Xiaomi, the “new” Redmi Note 6 Pro is rowed, although the “old” Redmi Note 5 is the same in characteristics, but cheaper. And everyone is happy with everything, because it is widely known that surveyors are corrupt goats.