iFalcon Face Control: glasses with instant face recognition

A very powerful gadget was created in the UAE, and these smart glasses are already used there as a special arsenal

Police officers can now identify the people they seeIn person, and this is regardless of the time of day and location, and, of course, without the knowledge of the person himself.The technology that was once created has now penetrated almost every aspect of our lives, soon there will not even be a facial recognition systemneed outdoor cameras, it will be possible to simply equip everyone with smart glasses such as the iFalcon FC.

Mobile recognition

Has developed points still Americanmanufacturer Vuzix, but the basis of the recognition algorithm - the company NNTC from Dubai. Points received an integrated camera with a sensor of 8 megapixels, capable of scanning the faces of people passing by, comparing them with the data in a mobile database that contains more than a million images. After finding a match, the gadget displays an alert on the display.

The algorithm developer states that the devicecapable of not only identifying people, that is, comparing with existing people in the database, but also independently thinking, determining the sex of a person, approximate age, as well as the current emotional state using a variety of markers. According to NNTC, the new iFalcon glasses work immediately with 15 people in the frame, and work with them simultaneously, spending less than one second per person. Of course, the actual conditions always make their own adjustments, so that there is not a drop in performance, but the level is clear.

Decentralization of recognition

Fifty pairs are currently released.such points, and they are all used in the capital of the UAE special services of the country. Will the gadget go to the global consumer market while the NNTC does not know, while the issues with public services are being resolved. However, if they do not launch them for sale, in a couple of months others will do it, and even with more advanced recognition algorithms.

Recently, recognition systems have been widelyused worldwide by law enforcement officers. As a rule, they receive all data from stationary cameras of outdoor video surveillance. But the use of glasses iFalcon expands the action of the system. Now there are practically no blind zones. In addition, the system will begin to work much faster, and everything will be decided on the ground, as long as there is a sufficient database at hand. And it is better to be independent of the Internet, at least until 5G appears everywhere.

Of course, the main task of creating such pointsWith the recognition algorithm proclaims the fight against extremism and terrorism. Also with such glasses it becomes easier to control migrants. But as far as confidentiality is concerned, the technology is not sharpened by it, the algorithms do not understand what human rights are. Some consider technology as a real threat to democratic ideals, some as useful functionality. San Francisco went a radical way, and ban any recognition cameras in the city, leaving them only at the airport and seaport.

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