iFixit: Apple didn't cheat and really solved the keyboard problem in the new MacBook Pro

IFixit specialists got to the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, which introduced a few days ago. Truth,

while they didn’t manage to do a complete disassembly, they first checked the keyboard, which became one of the main changes.

What's new

Apple used to use a keyboard on laptopswith the “butterfly” mechanism, which has already managed to bring users a severe headache. The fact is that crumbs, dust and other debris got inside, as a result of the button “stuck” and failed.

After numerous complaints and even severallawsuits Apple still decided to change the keyboard. They did not come up with anything new, so the keyboard with a scissor mechanism that was used before the “butterfly” returned to the new generation of laptops.

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Did it help?

IFixit specialists were pleased with this replacement. According to them, this keyboard looks almost the same as in older devices. But you can even install old caps on the keys, although then the cover will not close completely: the old keys are slightly higher than the new ones.

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In addition, the keys are easily detached, so they can be easily cleaned. As a result, there should be much less problems with the new keyboard.

"Key mechanism of the new 16-inch MacBook Proalmost identical to the Magic Keyboard and MacBook models that came out before the unsuccessful butterfly mechanism. The new switches consist of two plastic parts, which makes them the most reliable, ”summed up at iFixit.