"I'm not happy with the state of the game": World of Warcraft designer leaves Blizzard after 13 years

Game designer Chris Kaleycki, who worked at Blizzard on World of Warcraft for 13 years, is retiring from the company. On its

He was responsible for the design of classes (in particular the monk), PvP, and also worked on the Ashran zone.

Blizzard lost a designer

The developer has released a 15-minute video forsubscribers on YouTube, in which he explained the solution. The key factor was that Kaleiki was unhappy with the state of the game and the team's "slightly confused" vision.

As an example, the designer puts guilds that used towere an important part of endgame. This system limited players, but encouraged them to cooperate and create communities. Now gamers do not need to enter into alliances to appreciate all the content, which is why modern WoW has lost its focus on player interaction, shifting its focus to NPCs and storyline.

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“Warcraft and WoW have always had a history, but inlately, history is just the main part of the game. The characters and their own dramas really take a lot of air. While I think that in the virtual world, in the MMO, the players are actually history, ”says Kaleiki.

According to Kaleika, Blizzard is bigger nowfocuses on engagement and progression rather than MMO-exclusive features like guilds. The designer is aware that many players like the current state of the game, noting that the problem is not in WoW itself, but in Kaleika's vision, which does not coincide with that of the team.

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