Impressions of the film “Hellboy”: a bloody tale for strange adults

Today, April 11, the film “Hellboy” is released, which tells another tale about the struggle of good

and evil, but now for adults.


Andrew sat down at the desk of the screenwriter of the new "Hellboy"Cosby, who managed to mark the script for the film "Two Barrels". In the story, the Blood Queen Nimue decided to rise and take revenge on humanity for suffering, awakening a great evil that would destroy people. Hellboy doesn’t like it and he goes to England to stop the witch.

Visual and Atmosphere

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Like Cosby's previous works, Hellboy will not please the viewer with cool plot twists or a unique story, but he can surprise with an excuse for the age rating.

Every battle with enemies turns into a bloodymash that show the most detailed. Sometimes it even begins to feel nauseous about the plausibility of drawn guts, blood and other meat. Monsters and in general can return some adults to their childhood, when they were afraid of Baba Yaga and other fabulous villains.

Thanks to music every battlelooks even more brutal. At some point I even caught myself thinking that the Doom game deserves such a film adaptation. Here, you and hard rock, and huge monsters, and liters of blood - all according to the canons.


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Yet the bloody special effects do not distract fromthe main characters. Yes, they are caricatured, but rather funny and pretentious. The film does not attempt to appear smarter or more epic than it is, but simply entertains the viewer. Hellboy, played by David Harbor, jokes even in the most dangerous situations, but this does not make him another "tough hero." The very case when you believe that the character is hard or painful, but the sadness ...

At the same time, the Blood Queen who playedMila Jovovich, did not cope with the task of universal evil. Against the backdrop of huge and terrible monsters, she looks too harmless and humane, even despite the scenes where she uses force.

In the dry residue

On the "Hellboy" just should not go to children and peoplewho are not willing to watch monsters and bloody battles. But the strange adults, as well as Hellboy fans, Doom and "popcorn fighters" should pay attention to the picture. At a minimum, you look at spectacular battles, great special effects and listen to pretty good jokes.