In 2018, Ukrainians bought 5.4 million smartphones for almost UAH 30 billion.

The Ukrainian mobile market continues to grow. Last 2018, consumers spent on smartphones

and push-button “dialers” more than 30 billion hryvnia, which is 34% higher than the results of 2017. This was reported by MOYO with reference to data from GfK Ukraine.

What and for how much

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In statistics, more than 29 billion accounted for smartphones, almost a billion - on the "button"

In units, sales of devices grew by 15%. A total of 5.4 million smartphones were sold, and their average price amounted to 5,400 hryvnia against 5,100 hryvnia at the end of 2017. This is a global trend - users are increasingly buying more expensive gadgets that have a "margin of safety" for several years. Ukrainians also acquired 1.5 million push-button phones, the average cost of which stopped at around 620 hryvnia. This is lower than in previous years (800-900 hryvnia). Apparently, demand has shifted towards models of inexpensive Chinese brands and local brands.

Other devices

In 2018, sales of laptops reached 610 thousandunits (against 500 thousand in 2017), in money it is 8.6 billion hryvnias or 14.1 thousand per unit. Finally, Ukrainians purchased 810 thousand TV sets in the amount of 9 billion hryvnias, about 11 thousand per unit.

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Ukrainians in 2018 spent 30 billion hryvnia on mobile phones *

In Ukraine, 15 thousand smartphones and 4 thousand push-button phones were bought daily

Last year, Ukraine bought 5.4 millionsmartphones and 1.5 million push-button phones, spending more than 30 billion hryvnas on them. This is reported in the company MOYO, analyzing the purchases of Ukrainians, using data from a panel study of Point of Sales Tracking GfK Ukraine.

Compared to 2017, demand for mobilephones increased by 15%, and costs for them &ndash; by 34%. Thus, over the past year, Ukrainians purchased almost 19 thousand mobile phones every day, of which 14.8 thousand were smartphones.

The average price of a smartphone purchased in Ukrainein 2018, amounted to 5400 UAH. Push-button phones were bought on average for 620 UAH. Thus, Ukrainians daily spent 82.4 million UAH for mobile phones.

For comparison, over the past year it was acquired"only" 610 thousand laptops (500 thousand in 2017), the purchase of which amounted to UAH 8.6 billion (an average of UAH 14.1 thousand per unit). In 2018, Ukrainians purchased 810 thousand televisions for 9 billion UAH (11 thousand UAH per unit).

* The data of retail sales of household appliances and electronics in Ukraine, collected by the Point of Sales Tracking GfK Ukraine panel study method.