In 2021, Apple will release computers with its own processor. But what about Intel?

What is known about the new processors from Apple?

To launch new Apple chips, code-named Kalamata

will introduce a new model of their computers,since at first it’s unlikely that the company's own processors will be able to compete with the performance that Intel provides for the MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro desktop computers.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will createprocessors based on the A14 chip, which will appear in future iPhone models this fall. Now it is only known that the first processors for the Mac will include eight high-performance cores, code-named Firestorm, and at least four energy-efficient Icestorm cores.

Now Apple is creating three typesA14-based processors for computers, but their performance will be much higher than that of the iPhone and iPad. After the release, the company plans to release processors with more than 12 cores. This will increase the power of their computers several times, for example, now the entry-level MacBook Air has two cores in the processor.

At the same time, Apple is developing Kalamata alreadysome years. Back in 2018, the company developed its own chip for Mac based on the iPad Pro A12X processor for internal testing, but nothing is known about the results of its work.

As with the iPhone, Apple Mac processorswill include several components, including a central processor, a graphics processor, and a graphics chip. Also, the use of a Mac, iPhone and iPad with the same underlying technology should make it easier for Apple to integrate the ecosystem not only in terms of software, but also at the hardware stage.

The assembly of new chips will be TaiwaneseApple's partner in the collection of processors for the iPhone and iPad is Semiconductor Manufacturing. Similar to Qualcomm Inc. and the rest of the mobile semiconductor industry, Apple is developing its smartphone chips with technology from Arm Inc., owned by SoftBank Group Corp. These components often consume less power than Intel offers.

Why is it Apple?

With the release of new chips, Apple is going to gain more control over the performance of its own devices, as well as an advantage over other computer manufacturers.

This step will also reduce Apple’s dependence onIntel, because now the leading chip manufacturer in the world does not have time to develop new powerful processors. Intel shares after the publication of Bloomberg fell by 2.2%.

Experts note that in recent years, the paceMac computer development has declined, mainly due to the fact that Intel does not have time to produce more powerful processors. In addition, in recent years, Intel several times faced production problems that slowed the delivery of new devices to the market.

What processors are installed in Apple technology now

Apple’s Modern Mobile Chipshave several processor units or cores that perform various types of tasks. The latest iPad Pro has four cores for high-performance workloads and four more cores for low-power tasks - to save battery power.

Despite a single chip processor system, Macwill still run the macOS operating system, not the iOS software for the iPhone and iPad. At the same time, Apple is already exploring tools that will ensure that applications developed for older Intel Macs run on new machines. The company also has Catalyst technology, which allows software developers to create iPad applications and run them on Mac computers.