In 2021, the ozone hole has grown to a record size and has become larger than Antarctica

The ozone layer is located at an altitude of about 11 to 40 km above the Earth's surface. He protects the planet from

ultraviolet radiation. Every year at the end of winter, a hole forms in the southern hemisphere, due to the light from the sun, which reacts with harmful chemicals produced by humans.

After the widespread ban on the use ofhalocarbons, which were used in aerosol cans and refrigerators, the ozone layer began to gradually recover. But this is a slow process, it could last until 2060 or 2070.

But this year, the ozone hole has reached a recordarea. Observing Director Vincent-Henri Poy noted that the current ozone window is very similar to the 2020 hole. It lasted a very long time and only lasted until Christmas.

He added that such a situation does not necessarily indicate a disturbance in atmospheric processes. However, experts need to study the reasons that affect the scale of this phenomenon.

Leading Researcher at the Main Geophysical Observatory named after A. I. Voeikova Andrei Kiselev said that the Russians will not experience the negative impact of this event.

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