In a week, Blue Origin will start selling tickets for space tourists

Blue Origin has announced that it is going to start selling locally, on its New Shepard suborbital spacecraft.

You can buy the very first place on New Shepard.Sign up to learn more on our website.Gradatim Ferociter. 

Blue Origin's Message 

May 5th is the anniversary of the first Americanmanned flight. On this day 60 years ago, NASA sent Alan Shepard on a 15-minute suborbital journey. The suborbital system New Shepard is named after this astronaut.

The announcement is being counted down on the Blue Origin website, those who wish canSubscribe to updates. Neither the price nor the dates of the trips have been announced yet.

Earlier, in 2018, Reuters, citing two Blue Origin employees, reported that one seat on the spacecraft would cost $ 200-300 thousand (15-22.4 million rubles).

New Shepard is a reusable bundle of the firstan accelerator stage and a capsule, which was developed to deliver people and conduct experiments in suborbital space. Today it is a capsule for six passengers.

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