In Apex Legends, the first combat pass appeared, and gamers are not satisfied with the content.

Respawn finally released the first combat pass for Apex Legends with new awards and character.

What is known

Battle pass will cost players 950 Apex coins and will open access to hundreds of awards that gamers will receive for raising levels.

Unlike Fortnite, there is no Apex Legendsspecial tasks, so that new skins, luthboxes and others are opened in exchange for long hours of gameplay. The lack of specific goals and did not like the players, because the pass does not offer interesting tests that would diversify the gameplay. The developers explained that this is a test run and so far they have decided to refuse the tasks.

You can raise the levels in a paid way, giving the developers 150 Apex coins. In addition, for 2,800 coins, the player can immediately buy a combat pass of level 25.

For the purchase of a standard combat pass playerwill receive the appearance of "Revolutionary" for Lifeline, the appearance of "Survival" for Rafe and the appearance of "Out of the Law" for Mirage. Respawn also prepared free rewards. Players who do not want to buy a combat pass will be able to open 1 face of the Indomitable Frontier legend, 5 Apex sets and 18 Indomitable Frontier statistics tracking tools.

Together with the combat pass in the Apex Legends appearedcharacter Octane. A fighter can increase the speed of movement at the expense of health and restore it if he does not take damage. Octane's special skill is the trampoline. A new hero will cost 750 Apex coins (premium currency) or 12,000 Legend Tokens.

First Apex Legends season skipping is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.