In April, World of Tanks will host large-scale events on all platforms

Wargaming decided to celebrate April 1 and amuse players not with jokes about the white back, but with temporary events.

World of Tanks

Players of the computer version of World of Tanks will be able togo back in time and play “Tanks” version 0.7.0 from 2011. The event will take place on a separate server, so no one is forcing you to shake the old days. Gamers who decide to return to the past will be able to play on tanks of the USSR, Germany, USA, without a “light bulb”, stunning artillery, but with classic physics.

Wargaming will also simplify the classic economy: it will be easier for gamers to pump out top tanks, get premium vehicles, equipment and camouflage. The event will take place from March 29 to April 3.

World of Tanks Mercenaries

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In the console World of Tanks Mercenaries playerswill be offered to take part in the war for the Moon and Mars. Players will compete in teams of seven in low-gravity conditions. Participants are promised additional experience and silver, as well as an M24 Lunar tank, which is equipped with a powerful laser blaster and can fire grenades.

World of Tanks Blitz

Starting from April 11 to April 18 in World of Tanks BlitzThe “Moonwatch” event will take place, during which players will be able to receive the British tank AC IV Sentinel. Mobile “tankers” will also be asked to complete tasks, for completing which players will receive unique items.

World of Warships

April will also affect World of Warships. Starting April 1, the game will begin the “Great Intergalactic Multi-Fight,” during which gamers will be able to fight in spaceships.

In total there will be four modes:

  • “Rings of Saturn”: a redesigned “Epicenter” mode, where the capture of outer zones cannot be blocked by capturing the inner ones, and more points will be awarded for holding the inner ring.
  • "Double Star": a real test of the ability to think strategically and at the same time quickly. Players fight for ever-decreasing capture points while simultaneously defending territory.
  • “Spacestorm”: a confrontation between the attacking and defending teams. Each has its own advantage - revival and gradual restoration of combat effectiveness points, respectively.
  • “Torpedo Soup”: the main heroes of the battle in the “5 vs. 5” format are destroyers with increased maneuverability and speed. The main weapon is torpedoes with accelerated reloading.