In August, the Slavic diabloid Pagan Online will come out of beta with new content

Action-RPG Pagan Online for more than two months is being finalized with the support of gamers in the early Steam access. Developers

they took into account the wishes of the players, and now they are preparing the project for a full release.

What is known

According to the creative director Mad Head GamesUrosha Banesevicha, release Pagan Online will be another game. In version 1.0 players waiting for the storyline campaign for eight acts, which added two new bosses and a couple of zones. After passing the "plot" and increasing the equipment to the desired level, players will be offered new challenges, opening up more opportunities to improve the hero.

Gamers will also be able to take control of the new heroes - Elden, who is carrying two swords, and also Hector, who relies on a musket.

“Thanks to the ideas from the players,four months of finding the game in early access, we managed to create completely new mechanics and make changes that seemed unthinkable. The release version of Pagan Online will be another game, ”said Banjesevich.

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A new system will appear in the release Pagan Online."Ultra-rare" items of equipment of magical origin, which give bonuses for wearing a full set of armor. Add more diverse prey, which will reduce the frequency of loss of recipes, but will allow you to create items stronger. The game will also acquire a new tree of abilities that will allow you to flexibly customize your character.

Wargaming's product director, Jacob Beaucler, also noted that Pagan Online is a premium game service, because the project will receive regular content updates.

Exit Pagan Online 1.0 will take place on August 27 on the PC. You can buy the game on Steam or on the official website of Wargaming for 300 hryvnia.

The release version of Pagan Online will be available onGamescom, held in Cologne from August 20 to 24, will be part of the Wargaming booth (Booth A031 in Hall 8.1). Visitors to the exhibition who have tried the new version on the stand will receive an exclusive game pet, the Dragon of the Ravager. And those who enter the game during the Gamescom will find another pet on their account - a fearless raccoon.