In Britain, they want to tighten the laws for video games because of the scandalous Rape Day

Developers from the Studio Plant Studio decided to release a game called Rape Day, in which the main "hero" rapes

women during the apocalypse. Despite the idea and content, Steam missed the game. Gamers also felt that such a project is not the place on the site and by joint efforts achieved the removal of the game. Yet the scandal did not pass by the Scottish National Party, which now wants to tighten the law for video games.

What is known

Party member Hannah Bardell criticizedgame and decided to tell about it to the rest of the government. The politician was surprised that such a project even reached the stage of placement on the trading floor and called on colleagues to arrange an inspection of the rest of the digital stores.

According to the, Bardell was supported by Scotland Member Sean Robinson. He believes that the British government should tighten legislation to prevent studios from publishing games like Rape Day.